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Do you have the skills to help The Ferret grow?


Over the last year, we’ve been excited at the speed The Ferret has grown, the interest in and reach of our stories and the reassuring fact that there does seem to be a future for investigative journalism in Scotland.

However, we’ve grown so much that our founding members are reaching our full capacity in terms of the core work we put in to the cooperative on a regular basis. We are all committed to the project – but have agreed it’s time to grow and call on the wider Ferret community for help.

We’ve already had many generous offers of help, but at the moment we are looking for specific skills to take The Ferret to the next level – or further up the trousers of power…

We’re therefore looking for people with expertise in and willing to volunteer a bit of their time on:

Grant applications
We’re always seeking to diversity our funding and part of that is applying for grants to boost our income and allow us to bring you more stories. If you’ve experience of grant applications and fundraising lingo then we need you!

Marketing and subscriptions
Our subscribers are at the heart of what we do and give us guaranteed regular income to produce a steady flow of stories on the environment, human rights and politics. Our base is steadily growing but we’d love to spread the word further – can you help?

Events planning
The Ferret has already hosted a successful one-day investigative journalism conference, a number of socials, subscribers’ meetings and is having a film screening and panel discussion next week. We’d love to do more of this kind of thing to encourage awareness and debate of issues affecting the public. Is this your bag?

Background research (suited to student journalists)
Investigative journalism involves a lot of ground work and can be very time consuming. We would love someone who is able to help with the gathering of data and information, and in exchange we can offer some on-the-job training and a shared byline.

We’ve already published some pieces of multimedia journalism but we would love to be able to do more to make our stories and website engaging and interactive. Are you the person to help us do this and to continue blazing a trail for public interest journalism in Scotland?

If you’d be up for joining the Ferret team please get in touch at and tell us a bit about yourselves.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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